HEIGHTS' brand new album 'Phantasia..' is OUT NOW!

Monday 27th April 2015, 12:25pm

The ever so eloquently titled 'Phantasia On The High Processions Of Sun, Moon And Countless Stars Above', the frankly wonderful new album from HEIGHTS, is out now!

With 12 tracks clocking in at just over an hour, 'Phantasia...' is a progressive instrumental Rock album quite unlike any other....

"If you dig forward-thinking, experimental, progressive music then you're surely gonna like it" - METAL SUCKS

"Phantasia is little short of a work of quiet genius" - THE MONOLITH - 91%

"Best not to listen to this album when you have something in the oven" - THE MUSICAL MELTING POT - 91%

Here's a message from the band:

"If you haven't heard us before we're a 3 piece instrumental band from the UK. We're inspired by progressive and classical music but have tried to carve out our own sound. Our new album 'Phantasia on the High Processions of Sun, Moon and Countless Stars Above' is inspired by many things, the overall theme being the vastness of space and epic celestial tales.
Each song has its own story to tell. We wrote the album over four years and jam together regularly so the pieces seem to develop quickly and naturally, I guess we're so familiar with each other's playing style now that it's just really an enjoyable and easy process for us. Thanks for the support, we hope Phantasia takes you on an epic journey.
- Jay Postones, Al Heslop & John Hopkin | HEIGHTS

Make sure you get a copy of this incredible new album via one of the following links:

CD | iTunes | Bandcamp | Amazon | Spotify 

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